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James is an accomplished musician. Here you can find more information on his music career. He has released both indie-rock albums and modern classical works.


James Wolff is based in New York City, but his music career has taken him all over the world.

James is an accomplished composer and musician. At an early age he was enrolled into the Syracuse University Music Theory program. He later attended Interlochen Arts Academy, then the Johns Hopkins University Peabody Conservatory studying with Grammy award winning composer Nicholas Maw and receiving a Bachelors in Music with a major in composition. As this site is developed, I will be adding additional content. Scroll down to link to my latest indie-rock project, The Wild Wolves


The Wild Wolves

The Wild Wolves is a New York City indie-pop band led by frontman James Anthony Wolff, an American composer born in 1982 who graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy and subsequently received a Bachelor's in Music Composition from Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University.

Influences include Radiohead, Coldplay, Keen, The Shins, Spoon, Postal Service, The Anniversary, The Cure, The Flaming Lips, Beach Boys, among others.

The Wild Wolves discography consists of five full length albums. Eyes Like Stars represents the best-in-class selections of early-era live studio recordings. The King of Clouds represent mid-era recordings that feature the introduction of electronic string sections. Cascading Hearts represents the culmination of his indie-rock orchestral album recording efforts with a 19-person orchestral ensemble. The Weight of Shadows represents the mid-era mature studio recordings with polished and refined thematic motifs. Finally, Signs and Signals represent the late-era studio recording efforts, and is anticipated to be released in late 2023 or early 2024.

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