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James has previously served in a variety of c-suite roles including as a Director of Development, General Counsel, Chief Business Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Executive Officer. James brings a wealth of personal experience, extensive contacts, and well-honed business management and legal expertise to bear on complex corporate matters and issues of precedence. 


James Wolff is a successful attorney and entrepreneur with a passion for innovative technology and business ventures. He has a proven track record of achieving success by leveraging his legal expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to create groundbreaking businesses.



As an attorney, James Wolff has extensive experience in corporate law, intellectual property, and contract negotiations. He has worked with a variety of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, to provide legal guidance and help them achieve their business goals.


James Wolff has a passion for entrepreneurship and has founded multiple successful businesses in various industries, including technology and real estate. He is always looking for new opportunities to create innovative solutions and disrupt traditional industries.


James Wolff has founded several technology companies that specialize in developing cutting-edge digital products. These products leverage the latest advancements in technology to create innovative solutions for businesses and consumers.



James Wolff's companies are known for their innovative solutions that solve complex problems in a variety of industries. By leveraging his legal expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, James has been able to create businesses that disrupt traditional industries and create new opportunities.


James Wolff's career as an attorney and entrepreneur has been characterized by a drive for success and a commitment to creating innovative solutions. His passion for entrepreneurship and technology has led him to achieve success in a variety of industries, and he continues to look for new opportunities to create groundbreaking businesses.


2014 – Polish-American Innovation Week – Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Commercial Space Guest Lecturer, Los Angeles, California

2016 – Built Worlds 3D Printing Conference; Guest Lecturer, Chicago Illinois

2016 – Inside 3D Printing Conference hosted by the Javitz Center; Guest Lecturer, New York, New York

2018 - Brooklyn Bar Association Foundation Annual Dinner; Keynote Speaker, Digital Currency Trends 

2018 – New York County Lawyers Association, CLE Lecture on Crypto-currency Trends

2018 – Lawline CLE Course Lecture; Understanding Cryptocurrency & Its Legal Implications

2018 – Foundation for Accounting Education, NYSSCPA CLE Seminar hosted by Citibank; Cryptocurrency: The Law, Tax Implications, and How to Find It/Track It

2018 – New York State Society of CPA Litigation Services Conference, Hosted by the Hetherington Group, Conference Speaker

2018 – Lawline CLE Course Lecture; Commercial Space Applications, An Exploration of Emerging Trends in U.S. Regulatory Activity.

2019 – International Space Development Conference: Space Law and Policy Forum, Guest Lecturer, Pentagon City, Washington DC 

2019 – Adelphi University Guest Lecturer Series: Business Law, International Law, and the UN 2030 SDGs, a Brief Historical Overview and Extrapolation of Current Trends

2023 - Queens County Bar Association, M&A Sale of Business Assets CLE Course Lecture

2023 - National Space Society, International Space Development Conference, Dallas Texas

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